The International Alliance of Holistic Lawyers, 1991-2011

The following resolution was passed by a meeting of members and board members on May 15, 2011.



WHEREAS, The International Alliance of Holistic Lawyers (“IAHL”) is a Vermont Nonprofit Corporation subject to Title 11B of the Vermont Code;

WHEREAS, the purposes of IAHL have been to fulfill the mission and vision as follows:

IAHL Mission Statement

The International Alliance of Holistic Lawyers’ mission is to transform the practice of law, through education and support of holistic practice.

Our Vision

The IAHL envisions a world where lawyers are valued as healers, helpers, counselors, problem-solvers, and peacemakers.  Conflicts are seen as opportunities for growth.  Lawyers model balanced lives and are respected for their contributions to the greater good.

WHEREAS, over the last 20 years, IAHL has endeavored to become a leader in the movement to transform law and has attracted members who are and have been instrumental in fulfilling on the mission and vision. With the creativity and commitment of these members, new models have arisen and many individuals have taken the mission and vision into the world. Among many other accomplishments, these individuals have:

Created the practice of collaborative law.  Collaborative law birthed a new organization: The International Academy of Collaborative Professionals which now has over 4,300 members from 24 countries.  There are 322 practice groups listed on their website.  They estimate that 30,000 practitioners have been trained in Collaborative Practice.

Supported the creation of an academic movement of therapeutic jurisprudence that has manifested in creation of problem-solving courts.  With approximately 2,700 problem-solving courts in 20 countries, these problem-solving courts use a multi-disciplinary holistic approach to deal with issues such as drug and alcohol addiction, homelessness, veterans PTSD, domestic violence, child welfare, mental health, and other social problems.  Several organizations are now committed to problem-solving courts and there is an International Network of Therapeutic Jurisprudence with members from dozens of countries.

Contributed to the development of Restorative Justice which has become a worldwide movement and discipline that stretches far beyond the bounds of law and reaches into thousands of communities with practices for healing the harm caused by crime.  An early member of IAHL was instrumental in advising the Truth and Reconciliation movement in South Africa, one of the most profound examples of the restorative justice movement.

Founded, nurtured and expanded holistic ideas in legal education.  The Humanizing Legal Education movement grew from the idea of an IAHL member to a recognized section of the Association of American Law Schools with its own conferences and publications.

Written dozens of books, articles and websites on holistic law topics which have been published by mainstream publishers, including many by the American Bar Association, the largest organization of lawyers in the world.

Fostered contemplative practices and personal well-being topics in the mainstream of law such that the American Bar Association published an article in February, 2011 stating that yoga was the “new golf,” in recognition that it has become popular among lawyers in the mainstream.

WHEREAS, the mission and vision of the organization are now being carried on by many who are no longer members of the organization, that their energy is consumed by the projects, models and creations that arose from their association with IAHL,

WHEREAS, in the last few years, attendance at conferences has declined, membership has diminished, the organization has been financially challenged and board positions have remained unfilled, burdening the existing board members with more work than an all-volunteer organization can support, indicating that the energy necessary to sustain the organization has gone into the efforts consistent with the mission but not consistent with the viability of the organization,

WHEREAS, the efforts to maintain the organization have been valiant,

WHEREAS, the leadership and members of this organization choose to celebrate and honor our accomplishments and to face the evolution of law that has brought the organization to this place where it is now at the end of its life,

WHEREAS, Section 14.02 provides for dissolution of a nonprofit corporation by various methods and requires a “plan of dissolution”;

WHEREAS, the undersigned members, board members and former members believe it is in the best interests of the corporation and the members to dissolve the corporation and the board has prepared a plan of dissolution.


1.         That the International Alliance of Holistic Lawyers, a Vermont nonprofit corporation be and is hereby dissolved.

2.         That the Mission and Vision of the organization are declared to be complete and accomplished and that this is a time of celebration and joy; a time to recognize and acknowledge those who have worked so hard to fulfill on a dream that was unlikely at best when the organization was created.

2.         That the Plan of Dissolution set forth by the undersigned on May 14, 2011 and approved by the members/Board be hereby approved

3.         That the current Board members, Gretchen Duhaime, Secretary, and Laura Parrett, Treasurer, are hereby authorized and directed to carry out the steps necessary to effectuate this resolution.

This Resolution adopted this 15th day of May, 2011 by resolution of the membership at a duly called meeting.

Gretchen Duhaime, Secretary

Laura Parret, Treasurer

Note:  Former IAHL members have become leaders in many other organization.  The movement continues.  This page is kept alive by J. Kim Wright of Cutting Edge Law so that no lawyer ever feels that they are alone.

8 thoughts on “The International Alliance of Holistic Lawyers, 1991-2011

  1. Jack Phillips

    I found you through an article in the Christian Science Journal on 2000. I thought, what a good idea, I’d like to join our organization. Or at least I would love to receive training. What noble undertaking! I would love to get a list of the books that you published and other training.

  2. Petra slingenberg

    I am inspirerend by holistic methodes in Divorce a d family law casema And practice Collaborative Divorce law And Mediation for many years . Can I become a Members of your organisation? How can we connect?
    I live in The netherlands (Europe)

    Best regards Petra SLINGENBERG

  3. Petra slingenberg

    Please add my hub for holistic practice at your website, this is a dutch initiative!! I would like To create a holistic movement in THE Netherlands as well And shall speak about it at the congres in Amsterdam for Collaborative practitioners in may 2016! With Love – Petra Slingenberg-BEISHUIZEN, lawyer & mediator at DelissenMartens THE Hague, THE Netherlands


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